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Blueberry, bilberry

Vaccinium myrtillus

The blueberry of the north contains three times as much phenol as the blueberries of the south. Blueberry flowers, leaves and berries can be dried. One can infuse tea from fresh blueberry leaves, but this tea is not suitable for people with kidney troubles. Blueberry juice is good against fever. The berry is an antioxidant, and it alleviates infections and can be used as a gargle and for skin care. It is a treatment for diarrhoea and urinary troubles and can be a supportive medication for diabetics. It is also good for circulation and one’s eyes.

The blueberry is common everywhere in Finland. The flowering takes place from May to July, and berries can be picked from July to September. In the autumn, the leaves turn bright red just before falling. The plant thrives on sandy forest soil, marshlands and fell moors. The berry is a real health bomb, as it contains vitamins A, C and E and manganese. In addition, the antioxidants of its phenol compounds may prevent cardiovascular diseases.