Wild Herbs

The Sámi have, to some extent, used wild herbs for seasoning and for tea. The wild thyme that grows in the Teno area has been collected from the beaches of the River Teno in June and July. This thyme can be either used as a fresh herb or dried in bunches for the winter. The wild thyme can be used like ordinary thyme: in meat dishes and soups, and as seasoning in beverages. Thyme stock or tea can help a cough and a cramp and improve digestion. The Sámi also call the wild thyme “the honey herb” (honnetrássi) because of its strong scent.


Thyme of the Teno River

Another wild herb that grows naturally in the Teno river valley and the northern coast of Norway is the chives (Allium schoenoprasum). It can be used fresh in fish dishes, for example as seasoning in salmon soup or fish liver. Salted cod heads can be stuffed with chives before boiling.

The young leaves of dandelion can be eaten as such, like lettuce, in spring. They can also be dried to be used for tea. The use of dandelion removes salt and water from the body, increases appetite and gives taste to fatty foods. Dandelion can be used as medicine for gout and urinary trouble, and to improve motion.


Herbs in Sámi hut

Kasvit kasvitietokannassa