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Lady’s mantle  – Alpine lady’s mantle

Alchemilla sp. – Alchemilla alpina

The Sámi have several names for the Alpine lady’s mantle. Its leaves were used as plaster on wounds or made into ointment together with the fat of reindeer. The plant was also used as a medicine for menopause and menstrual troubles, acne, stomach troubles and diarrhoea. The leaves of the lady’s mantle were earlier added as such to “herb milk”. Young leaves of the plant can be used in salads. If the leaves will be dried, they should be gathered before the flower blooms.

In the Nordic countries, a few species of the lady’s mantle are found. In appearance, the different species are quite similar. The lady’s mantle is a perennial, which has a root-like rhizome and palmately lobed leaves. However, the leaves of the alpine lady’s mantle are fingerparted. The alpine lady’s mantle blooms in July – August, and it grows on highland moors and meadows, as well as on creeks. The different species of the lady’s mantle contain tannins, aromatic bitters, salicylic acids and essential oils.