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Bog whortleberry

Vaccinium uliginosum

The bog whortleberry abounds in vitamin C. Too ripe and grey bog whortleberries should not be eaten, as they may contain a parasitic fungus that causes dizziness and headache. Earlier, bog whortleberries were added to meat soup and considered “berries of love”. In the north-western corner of Finland, bog whortleberries were more important than blueberries. They were mostly eaten fresh. In the freezer, bog whortleberries stay best, if each berry is frozen separately.

Just like the blueberry and lingonberry, the bog wortleberry belongs to the genus Vaccinium. It blooms in May – June, the berries ripen in July – August, and the leaves fall in the autumn. The berry is common throughout Finland, and it favours damp habitats but grows on forested soil, too. Compared with blueberries, bog whortleberries are not as colourful and tasty, but they have a much higher content of vitamin C.