Martti Rikkonen
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Friis 1867 Museovirasto

Recalling Ancestral Voices is a project dedicated to recording the material cultural heritage of the Sámi. The project was launched in April 2006 and will end in November 2007. In Finland, the Sámi Museum Siida is participating in the project, in Sweden, the Ájtte Museum in Sweden and Varanger Sámi Museum in Norway. The project is part of Interreg III, which is funded by the European Union. On the national level, the project's sponsors include the State Provincial Office of Lapland, the North Calotte Council, and the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, the Council of Cultural Affairs of the Swedish Sámi Parliament, the Arts Council Norway, Norwegian Sámi Parliament and the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority.



Final report in Finnish


Final report in Swedish




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