Fishermen travel by motorboat to sell fish in the shops of Inari. In the photo, Einari and Eenok Seurujärvi, Uula Saijets and Vilho Seurujärvi. Siida, Pentti Kärkkäinen’s archives.



On Erkki’s day (18 May) the calf calls, cuckoos coo, sap runs, birch bark peals and greylings spawn.

If you see a goose before May Day, winter will not last much longer.
Bad weather will occur on the day in the almanac that is marked by Saturn.

Blood vessels in pike livers reveal how wet it will be. If it is thick, it will rain much, if it is thin or nil, it will be dry. A thick vein in the front end and thin in the back means summer’s start will be rainy and summer’s end will be dry.

When you see folk from Varanger in your dreams a hard north wind will blow.

Hard winds and thin stripes reveal the way of the wind tomorrow.

Snowstorms come after the sun blares out.

When the sun is dimmed (with a rainbow halo) the weather will change.

When a pillar of light shines up from the chimney, a snowstorm approaches.

When the far away hills are blue, tomorrow will thaw.

If the day looks back in the evening, it will rain tomorrow.

Rain is on the way when there are bubbles in the wake of the boat.

Bad weather is coming when the loon calls.

Rain will fall when the snipe sings.

When the sun shines on the hole in the ice, it will snow.

Falling stars bring snow.

If the cat sleeps with his nose in the air, bad weather is approaching.

In whichever way the reindeer walk, that’s the way the wind blows from tomorrow.

Snow will fall if willow grouse perch on the branches of trees.

The weather will get colder if thunder travels north.

It will rain after the cuckoo wretches.

If the cuckoo coughs, cold is on its way.

Bad weather looms when smoke lays low.

Halo around the moon, an impending snowfall foretells.

Reindeer rush as foul weather is nigh.

An itchy ear bespeaks a snow.

Impending is rain when the smokestack rattles.

Willow grouse cackling foretells weather foul.

When bones start to ache, a hard wind will blow.

An itchy head ushers the wind.

A reindeer will tremble in the cold when warm weather approaches.

Reindeer rub the skins from their antlers just before the weather warms.

Matti Morottaja

Photo: Martti Rikkonen
A bean goose at Partakko.







Photo: Martti Rikkonen
Moon halo.






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