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Wild thyme

Thymus serpyllum ssp. tanaensis

The wild thyme, also known as the thyme of the Teno Valley, is a plant that is, above all, used as a spice. Its soft flowers and parts of its stem are gathered in July and August and dried in bunches. The wild thyme can be used just like the common thyme: in meat dishes, soups and as a seasoning in drinks. Tea or an infusion made from the plant alleviates cough and cramps and improves digestion.

The wild thyme is a perennial plant that has an aromatic scent. The leaves are hairless and have unbroken edges. The range of this subspecies is almost completely restricted to the area around the Teno River. The plant favours especially the sandy and gravel banks of the river. It attracts butterflies, and a few species of the blues (Lycaenidae) feed solely on it.